In 2019, “Fratelli Rinaldi Importatori” rebrands itself with a new name: "Rinaldi 1957”.
With a turnover of € 15 millions achieved thanks to about 9000 direct customers and 166 sales agents: Rinaldi is an historical “on trade brand builder” with a great expertise in promoting brands also in the modern trade.

Since 2017, in less than two years we:
- joined social media such as Facebook and Instagram
- nominated new Brand Ambassadors
- attended more trade and consumer fairs
- gave our company logo and website a new look
- enriched our catalogue
- implemented our product categories
- developed our own apps
- renewed our company identity

1957 Fratelli Rinaldi Importatori was founded by Rinaldo and Vittorio Rinaldi.
1970 Wiborowa Vodka was launched and become the leader of the reference market with more than a million bottles sold.
1975 Macallan Whisky is launched reaching 120000 bottles sold in the early 80’s.
1980 Over 200000 bottles of Charles Heidsieck Champagne are sold.
1983 Buton Group (a company specialized in brandy and liquor) acquires the company.

1993 Buton Group is acquired by Gran Metropolitan / Diageo. The Tamburi family (one of the former owners of Buton Group) buys the company.
1995 The sales of Cutty Sark Scotch Whisky exceed 180000 bottles.
1999 Rinaldi Wine is officially founded as an innovative joint-venture between Rinaldi and a great wine producer: Cantina La Vis.
2001 Rinaldi buys Cesarini Sforza sparkling wine, in partnership with “Cantina La Vis”. The sales of Cesarini Sforza through Rinaldi exceed 800000 bottles (more than 75% in Ho.re.ca).
2009 Rinaldi sells shares of Cesarini Sforza to Cantina La Vis, maintaining the exclusive distribution in Italy. Rinaldi Wine is merged to Fratelli Rinaldi Importatori s.p.a.
2012 Nestlé selects Rinaldi, following a competitive bidding, to become the exclusive distributor of Perrier water in Italy, thanks to the great performances of Rinaldi in Ho.re.ca.
2014 The distribution of La Montina Franciacorta sparkling wine, Beluga Vodka and Don Papa Rum begins.
2015 Rinaldi wins an award for achieving the world’s highest increase in Beluga’s sales.
2017 Rinaldi reports the world’s highest increase in Don Papa’s sales. Facebook and Instagram started to facilitate distributed brands engagements with customers and consumers.
2019 Rinaldi changes the company name: “Rinaldi 1957” is born to be more effective in PR and communication.



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