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Rinaldi 1957 S.p.a. single shareholder company, headquartered in Bologna Viale Masini, 34 (indicated below as "Rinaldi") determines and publishes the content of this site (indicated below as "Website") to promote the knowledge about the Rinaldi group and its products.
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Please leave the Website immediately if you don’t have the minimum age for the consumption of alcoholic beverage required by law in the country you’re in or if the law of the country you are located prohibits the use or even the vision of this Website content.

Rinaldi can freely modify the terms and conditions related to the Website’s access when it deems it appropriate with no need of any previous notice and the user that is logging into the website is responsible of consulting the terms and conditions at every new access.

Trademarks and other intellectual property rights

The Website content, including, for example, drawings, texts, images, audio and videos, is property of or legitimately available for Rinaldi.
Figurative and word trademarks occurring on the Website are exclusive property of Rinaldi or of the companies managed by it or are related to products that the Rinaldi Group distributes on behalf of other companies on the basis of trade agreements. 

All trademarks are registered with the competent Italian or international authorities and are protected by intellectual property laws.

In absence of written authorization from the right holders of those marks, any use or reproduction is forbidden.

The user is allowed to print any content present on this Site, directly or through third parties, as long as the downloaded material is intended for personal and not commercial use only.
In addition, this material can not be altered in any way and in particular any indications of copyright or exclusive licence eventually affixed must not be removed.

Responsibility limitations

Use and browsing of the Website fall under the exclusive responsibility of the user that access the site.

Rinaldi undertakes to ensure the Website access to be always available, for who can legitimately browse it and that the present information is updated.

Anyways, the Website and its content are provided and accepted in the conditions in which they are recovered and are displayed with no guarantee, implied or expressed, in relation to the functioning of the Website, the absence of viruses, the accuracy of the offered services, the correctness and completeness of the published information.

Therefore Rinaldi and the companies managed by it, including its directors, executives and employees will not be responsible for possible errors, inaccuracies, or omissions concerning the material published on the Website or for any type of potential damages resulting from the access or browsing of the Website, from the inability to use the site or from the reliance on the material present on it.

Rinaldi reserves the right to terminate the access to the Website or to deactivate a part of it foreclosing the possibility to consult a topic or section of the Website in any moment without any prior notification.

Mentions about a certain product or service do not imply that Rinaldi intends to ensure that that product or service is available in every country.

Communications with the Website

Any communication or any other material that the user transmits on this Website, via email or any other mean of communication, will be treated as non-confidential therefore, please do not send information that you want to keep private.

The transmission of information or other materials implies the recognition in behalf of Rinaldi  of a free of charge and irrevocable permission to use, replicate, modify, publish, translate, distribute or show what received, also in a not exclusive way, both singularly and as part of another project, in any form and with any means and technology.

You acknowledge that Rinaldi will be free to use the material transmitted to the Website for any purpose, including the development, production and commercialization of products.

Rinaldi does not recognize any compensation for the submitted material regardless of the use that has been made of it.

Rinaldi does not make any selection or run any check on the content transmitted to the Website by third parties and is not responsible for the selection or check of these materials, therefore it doesn't take, with reference to them, any responsibility or obligation.

Automatically collected information

When you access the Website, your browser will automatically transmit the Internet Protocol address and some information such as the browser type, the date and time you access the Website and the IP address of the website through which the access is ensured.

These information may be eventually used to allow access to the Website, to customize your exploration, display preferred personalized content and for the administration of the Website itself.

Information may also be collected in the form of “cookies”.

Cookies allow us to know if you already visited the Website and if so, which pages but they will not be used to collect personal data in order to contact you or collect information from your computer.

However with most Internet browsers it is possible to erase or block cookies or receive a warning before they are stored in the computer.

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